Gieske has been developing tools, safety, and access equipment for the major railroads for over 30 years. With a diverse line of custom tools we have filled a niche required by the railroads in order to carry out their day to day maintenance activities. We replicate and enhance designs provided to us from the railroad as well as develop new tools and equipment internally. One of the large advantages is our ability to completely customize most of the items.

We’re capable of meeting the safety requirements of the railroad depending on specific requirements. Gieske is prepared to work with the necessary engineering firms to work out highly unique equipment that cannot be found on the general market for cases or extreme safety or danger.

We also fully service and repair all our equipment. Some tools cannot be repaired or have too much damage but our assessment of cost to repair comes at no charge. We will never do a repair without express approval if the repair is going to meet or exceed 75% of the cost of a new replacement. We provide prompt free quotes on all our equipment, and provide bulk item and order discounts.

Even if you can not find what you need, feel free to send us a request for quote and we can many times work off as little as a description of what you need. If we don’t have it, we can make it.

-Stay Safe